Life Coaching & Mentoring

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an easy and convenient way to get ongoing support in your life. In just a few sessions, Gina will get to know you and the life you desire. In each session you will move closer toward this life by removing the barriers that get in the way of living your fullest potential.

Using a pallette of mind-body techniques (see Spiritual Counseling and Hands-on Healing) as well as motivational techniques, such as creating action steps and ongoing troubleshooting to get over any hurdles, let Gina assist you in discovering and living your life purpose.  Experience success and fulfillment in each moment.

In addition to her holistic health skills, Gina is also an expert marketer, manager and communicator and has helped many establish successful small businesses, such as artists, retail store owners, yoga studio owners and wellness providers. She has also assisted those working in corporate fields & management to advance, while maintaining a balanced life.

Life Coaching will help you to . . .

  • Make Time for Play and Pleasurable Activities each day (like reading a novel, dancing, painting, talking with friends)
  • Eat Healthy in a way that suits your lifestyle and makes you feel great!
  • Follow an Exercise Routine that works for your body and schedule, while improving your overall health
  • Find/Create a Spiritual Practice
  • Create Community / a Support Network
  • Heal Old Wounds with Family Members / Friends / Coworkers
  • Pace your day / week / year . . . life
  • Find the Time for the people you love
  • Discover Efficient / Cost Effective ways to manage all the tasks before you
  • Break Patterns that no longer serve you
  • Minimize Stress
  • Create a successful business while maintaining a balanced lifestyle

Who chooses to have a coach or mentor?

People who...

  • are dissatisfied with aspects of their lives
  • are feeling overwhelmed by the many tasks in their lives
  • feel they have been floundering for too long
  • just want a little help with their life for a while
  • are in transition (divorce, new job or business, juggling school and parenting, family illness, death of a loved one)
  • feel consumed by their professional life and need to create more balance, like time with family, friends and time for much needed self care
  • need experienced guidance and support as they launch or grow a new business

In-Person, Phone, Skype or Zoom Sessions Rate: $150 per hour


"Gina, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that my shop is opening tomorrow. We have a lot of loose ends, but I am getting anxious to have the doors open. I want say thank you. My sessions with you helped me climb out of the dark and I am now open to this new adventure I am on." - Artist & business owner, Portland, Maine

"Working with Gina has enabled me to see more clearly what I want and what I don’t want. Since beginning to work with her, new opportunities have flowed toward me and I am no longer fearful of success." - Phuli Cohan, MD, Boston