Create the life you are meant to be living by removing the barriers that get in the way of living your fullest potential. Using a palette of mind-body techniques, as well as motivational techniques, such as creating action steps and ongoing troubleshooting, let Gina assist you in discovering and living your life purpose.  Experience success and fulfillment in each moment.


Are you needing emotional support right now?  Let Gina assist you using a palette of mind-body techniques such as breath, movement, sound, visualization, meditation, shamanic journeying, ritual, yoga therapy or mayan crystal healing.  She often suggests Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for emotional healing, to transform blockages in your body and feel freer and lighter to move forward on your path.  After a lifetime of spiritual practice and personal transformation, Gina has cultivated a special gift for creating a sacred container for transformation to unfold.


Receive therapeutic yoga stretches based on your physical needs.  Let Gina do all the work for you. Just relax and breathe.  Yoga therapy increases circulation and lymphatic flow, calms the nervous system and promotes integration of body, mind and spirit. Try Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for emotional healing. Transform blockages in your body and feel freer and lighter to move forward on your path.


Let Gina design a yoga or qigong class based on your individual needs. She guides her students safely and deeply into movement for an outcome of optimal health and healing. Restorative and strenuous options available for groups and private sessions.


In a private, sacred and confidential setting, learn tantra practices including movement, breathing exercises, sound, meditation and touch.  We will also share practices that improve communication skills and deepen intimacy.  Experience new levels of expansion within your Self, while deepening your connection with your partner.

prana heals massage

Receive deep tissue or Swedish Massage with therapeutic yoga stretches.  John Rene has created a unique blend of traditional massage techniques with therapeutic yoga stretches to offer you a comprehensive healing experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and vibrant.  Hot stone can have a very grounding effect and can be added upon advanced request.

essential oil massage prana heals

Includes an application of 10 of the most popular oils gently massaged into the back, along the spine and into the feet with foot reflexology for optimal health.